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2023 Home Décor Trends

2023 Home Décor Trends

The home décor trends of 2023 are sure to be unique and exciting. With the advent of new technologies, the design and functionality of homes have changed drastically. Designers and Furniture Retailers like Essops Home in South Africa are already taking inspiration from these changes and creating stunning home décor products that will make any space look modern and stylish. Let’s explore some of the hottest home décor trends for 2023 that you should keep an eye out for.



Smart home technology has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Smart furniture is designed with innovative features like built-in sensors, voice-activated commands, and even automated lighting systems. By incorporating smart furniture into your home, you can increase convenience while also adding a modern touch to your décor. Smart furniture is a great way to stay one step ahead of the latest trends in home decorating.



Minimalism is still going strong in South Africa, with many homeowners opting for minimalist designs over traditional decorative elements. Minimalist designs feature clean lines, neutral colours, and a focus on simplicity rather than excess decoration. This style is perfect for anyone looking to create an elegant, contemporary feel in their home without having to worry about clashing colours or too much clutter. It’s also a great way to create more space by eliminating unnecessary items from your room.


Merging the best of the past with modern touches places this trend at the forefront for 2023. To bring this look into your home – choose a period that you fancy be it the 1940’s or the roaring 60’s – choose a style that fits into your space based on colour, pattern or design style.  

From retro chairs to a quirky dresser or artwork you can celebrate this trend with a large variety of options that is taking the interior décor world by storm.  



Vintage pieces are making a comeback in 2023 as more people look for ways to add character to their home décor without breaking the bank. Vintage pieces like antique chests or old bookshelves can add an interesting touch to any room while still being affordable and easy to maintain. Another emerging trend is styling of vintage pieces with custom paintwork, sticker decals or decoupage effects that breathes new identity into these masterpieces of yesteryear. This trend is perfect for those who want a classic look but don’t want it to overwhelm their space.



One trend that’s sure to gain traction in 2023 is repurposing materials for interior décor. This means using existing materials and furniture for new purposes—for example, turning an old ladder into a bookshelf or an antique trunk into a coffee table. Doing so not only helps give your space some character, but it also reduces waste and keeps costs down. Plus, you can usually find interesting pieces at flea markets and thrift stores, so it’s easy to get started with this trend.


Another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is incorporating natural elements into your home décor. This includes things like plants and flowers, wood accents, stone tile floors, and more. Not only do these items add texture and interest to a room, but they also help create a peaceful atmosphere—something we could all use more of.  


When it comes to accessorizing – vases and sculptures that take on a free-form or more organic aesthetic are all the rage. From free form vases and glassware to free form sculptures and décor objects, this trend is all the rage.  

While home décor trends come and go every year, these trends are sure to stick around well into 2023 and beyond! Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge like smart furniture or something timeless like vintage pieces, there’s sure to be something out there that fits your style perfectly! So if you’re looking for a way to add some flair or character to your home this year, keep these trendy ideas in mind when shopping at Essops Home.  

So go ahead and express yourself with Essops Home —your dream space awaits!

06 February