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Create A Memorable Dining Experience

Create A Memorable Dining Experience

Your dining room is a memory making space – in which precious moments with family and friends are shared over decadent meals, conversation, and laughter. Ensure that you design this space to enhance those special memories that you intend creating over the years. Here is a summary of how you can go about creating a decadent dining space that reflects your style and becomes a favorite making space in your home!


Start with the intended purpose in mind – how do you want your family and guests to feel in this space? The following can guide you and set the foundation for how you design the space:

    • Do you want to create a calm and tranquil space for guests to gather without being too formal – opt for Leisure Dining. 
    • Do you want a glamorous space for decadent dining experiences, that make your guests feel like they are dining in a Michelin restaurant – create a Decadent Dining Room. 
    • Do you want a multi-functional entertainment space for young and old, brimming with laughter and banter – opt for a multifunctional Dinertainment Space. 



Now that you know what feelings you want to evoke in your space, you can work on getting the space functional to support your vision. Here are some guidelines on how you can go about visioning your dining space by considering what elements would support the feeling that you want to evoke:



  • Add an occasional seating area or small couch in a nook if your space allows it

  • Add greenery by using indoor potted plants or an indoor water feature  

  • Opt for a wooden dining table or a neutral color palette  

  • Opt for wall paintings that evoke a tranquil feeling 







  • Let your dining table and chairs make the statement  

  • Opt for glam detailing in the table base and chair designs

  • Add a console  

  • Use a large mirror or bespoke artwork to anchor the console in space

  • Add a glamourous table lamp to the console to create a hotel lobby feel  

  • Consider a drinks trolley to showcase your crystal stemware and flower filled vase

  • Add in a luxurious rug and chandelier to anchor the space and add that extra va va voom in the space



  • If your space is large enough, consider a setting that includes a dining area with a lounging area
  • Select a sturdy durable table that is both adult and kid friendly 
  • Consider acrylic or color pop dining chairs that have character and are durable
  • Add vibrant artworks that add a color pop and atmosphere in the space
  • Add a console that doubles as a coffee bar
  • Add a coffee table with storage to stash your boardgames collection for games night in


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The small details can make the biggest difference when it comes to dining. The following items will help you create the ambiance that you want to create in the space without much effort:




  • Flowers – an arrangement for decadent dining or just a few handpicked blooms in a vase for a leisurely lunch
  • Room fragrance – choose the right tones to suit the mood, warm wooden and cinnamon scents for winter dining and citrus tones for leisurely lunches
  • Cutlery 
  • Table linens – bold blooms in darker tones sets the scene for winter while in season prints set the scene for summer 
  • White noise – the sound of a water feature or instrumentals in the background to create the mood




Think like a party planner – what can you add that creates a memorable experience for all – here’s a roundup of ideas to help you make memories that last a lifetime:  


  • Gratitude Jar – get everyone to write a gratitude for the day and slip their note into the jar- shake the jar and get every to take turns by reading out a random gratitude and try and guess who it was that wrote it.  

  • Bring and share – create a themed menu and get your inner circle to select a starter, main or dessert.  

  • Bring out the games – ban mobile phones for the dinner and bring out the board games – nothing like a mini tech detox and play to boost our happy hormones!  

  • Themed dinner ideas – night at the Oscars, murder mystery, footballers’ wives, movie night

  • Themed lunch or brunch ideas – home spa, book club, paint or potter.




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