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Designer Feature - Siabesho Thutha ( Blaque Pearl Lifestyle)

Designer Feature - Siabesho Thutha ( Blaque Pearl Lifestyle)

Siabesho Thutha is a stone turner, bold and charismatic co-creative director of Blaque Pearl Lifestyle, a fully integrated interior design & decor company that was established in 2014.


  1. What is your signature style in 3 words?
  • Eclectic
  • Luxe
  • Comfortable


  1. What is your design secret sauce that sets you apart from other designers?

We value the importance of a client’s needs and are committed to transforming our clients’ ideas into reality. On initial introduction, we undergo a detailed analysis in order to understand and ascertain the needs, wants, budget parameters and overall preferences from our client’s perspective.  In our design approach, we then always look for elements that connects to the client and this makes all the spaces that we create at Blaque Pearl Lifestyle different and sets each project apart.


  1. Your color palette of choice this season?

Lush bright greens, rusty oranges and hues of red.


  1.  Pictures of spaces that you designed that is a true reflection of your personal style?



  1. Your favourite Essops home piece for the season

`My favourite is the Icaro coffee table which Blaque Pearl Lifestyle used in a Luxe Bedroom  installation.

12 February