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How to create a beautiful, productive home office

How to create a beautiful, productive home office

2020 is sure to go down as the Year of the Home Office. What started out as a forced no-office policy thanks to COVID 19, has now become a new normal – even for companies who are technically able return to work. It appears that bosses are fast realising their teams can be as productive as ever at home (and that it will save them running costs). One thing is for sure: WFH is not going anywhere. So, how do you ensure your home office is comfortable, cosy and keeps you productive? Here are our tips:



If you can, try to set up your home office in its own, dedicated space in your home. Don’t just plonk your laptop on your bedside table or in the kitchen. It’s important to keep your leisure space separate from your work space. If your home is small, try section off a portion of your dining room or lounge with a room divider.



For example, according to Feng shui practices, it’s important to place your desk so that your back does not face the door. Try putting your desk diagonal to the room’s entrance with you facing the door.



If you can repaint your home office, choose colours that stimulate productivity and creativity, like green. It also helps with feelings of calmness. Incorporate yellow when you want to stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness. But steer clear of grey, which can stimulate a depressing mood. If you can’t paint the area, choose furniture, art and accessories in that colour.



Usually, in good offices, the chairs and desks have been selected because they are ergonomically sound, meaning they are built to improve your work-day posture. At home, that’s not always the case. When you choose your station, remember these golden rules from GQ: your keyboard and mouse should be level with or below your elbows. Your feet should be flat on the ground or a footrest. You should be able to see all of your work without moving your neck too much. Need help picking a desk? Browse our range.

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