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How To Plan The Perfect Seating Arrangement For Your Living Room

How To Plan The Perfect Seating Arrangement For Your Living Room

Designing a comfortable and inviting living room starts with choosing the right seating. At Essops Home, we know that seating makes up the heart of your living space.

In this guide, we'll explore popular living room seating options to consider for your home including:
●    Corner sofas
●    3-seater sofas
●    Recliners and recliner sets
●    Occasional chairs

We'll also provide tips on how to plan your layout and select seating based on your space, style, and needs. With some thoughtful planning, you can create a living room seating arrangement that is both stylish and functional for years to come.


Corner sofas are a smart choice to maximize seating while creating a cozy vibe. The L-shape fits neatly into corners, saving space.
Benefits of corner sofas:
●    Seat more people than regular sofas
●    Encourage conversation with intimate feel
●    Make use of unused corner space
However, corner sofas may not work well in large or frequently rearranged rooms. Browse Essops Home's selection of corner sofas in various styles and fabrics



For the ultimate TV lounging experience, choose from our range of plush recliner sets and corner recliner suites.
Benefits of recliner sets:
●    Provide superior comfort and customizable positions
●    Accommodate multiple people with matched chairs
●    Available in leather and fabric to suit your style
Recliner sets take relaxation to the next level while remaining space-conscious.



Mixing a classic sofa with occasional chairs adds flexibility and visual interest.
Benefits of occasional chairs:

●    Allow you to create separate seating areas
●    Complement sofas with unique style
●    Easily rearrange layouts to refresh the look
When combining a sofa with accent chairs, ottomans, or other occasional seating, be sure to coordinate colors and styles for a cohesive feel.


When designing your living room seating arrangement, keep these tips in mind:
●    Measure your space and create a floor plan
●    Arrange seating facing focal points like TVs
●    Balance comfort with aesthetics
●    Mix seating styles for visual interest
●    Incorporate storage ottomans as needed
●    Allow room for foot traffic and flow
●    Experiment with arrangements before finalizing

Take your time planning and envisioning how you use your space. With Essops Home's wide range of living room seating selections, you can actualize your perfect living room layout.
Visit our stores across Gauteng, Northwest, Kwazulu-Natal and Limpopo or shop online for South Africa's top brands in sofas, recliners, occasional chairs and more. With some savvy planning, your Essops Home seating will become the stylish heart of your home.



What size sofa fits a small space?

For smaller rooms, look for compact 2-seater sofas around 175-200 cm long. Loveseats are ideal for tight spaces.

How much space do you need behind and around sofas?

Allow at least 60-90 cm behind sofas and 40-45 cm clearance on sides. Measure your room carefully.

Should all seating pieces match?

It's fine to mix and match styles as long as there is some cohesion in terms of color, finishes or materials. Contrast adds character.

What's the standard height for living room seating?

Look for seats around 40-50 cm high and backs around 50-90 cm tall. Cushion depth should be 50-55 cm deep.

What is the most versatile seating option?

Modular sectional sofas can be arranged in many configurations to suit different layouts. They maximize seating flexibility.
Let us know if you have any other living room seating questions!


15 September