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Living and loving the Spring Life.

Living and loving the Spring Life.

Living and loving the Spring Life.

The past year and a half has given us all more than enough reason to enjoy and appreciate our outdoor spaces. Spring has also gifted us with more sunny days to lounge in the sun and forget about all our responsibilities.

Enjoying a relaxing day outdoors does not only depend on being outside, but also on what you surround yourself with. The environment you find yourself in can have a direct influence on your experience and your mood.

Pretty garden = happy you!


How can spot-on outdoor decor improve your home?

You may ask yourself why it is necessary to put effort into your outdoor space, when nature can just paint the canvas itself. When it comes to outdoor decor, the space you create outside influences the aesthetics of your home as a whole. Creating a beautiful outdoor space will not only look great, it will also provide you with a tranquil area that is perfect for relaxing after a long workday.

Your home should be the place where you feel the most comfortable. This is something that should extend to outdoor living as well. Who wants to have a trendy looking house on the inside, but when you step outside it looks like you’ll find a wild animal hiding out?

The wonderful thing about an outdoor space is that it doesn’t only have to be something pretty to look at. It should be functional too! Who says outdoor furniture has to be hard and uncomfortable to be pretty? It should be an area where you can relax, have fun and enjoy the things that you love the most.


What to focus on when it comes to outdoor decor.

When thinking about outdoor decor, you have to see it as an extension of your home. When you need a break from cooking in the kitchen, sitting in front of the television or if you just feel cooped up, outside is where you go! Relaxing, taking your mind off work and stress, or just enjoying your garden. Either way, your outdoor space should do the trick!

We are all very different individuals. This means we all have different things that make us excited and that we love. When it comes to your outdoor decor, there are three main elements that you can aim for when creating your perfect outdoor space:



If you find yourself intrigued by the beauty of nature and the exciting little details of new plants or flowers, then you might try to incorporate the natural element as the primary inspiration for your outdoor area. A succulent garden, a rose corner and an indigenous tree or two might be just what you need to spice up your outdoor home!


  1. Comfortable.

Just want to lie down after a long day? Nothing can boost your energy like lounging with a comfy pillow on a soft couch. The surprise is that comfort does not have to be confined to the indoors. A big swing filled with big cushions next to the pool is the perfect place to curl up with a book or unwind from a stressful day. Bonus: It looks great too!


  1. Fit for entertainment

Nothing excites the social butterfly more than getting together with friends over a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine. Cosy gatherings by the fireplace are great in the winter, but when spring pops up, outdoors is where you want to be!

Creating a great outdoor space is not only beautiful to look at, but can provide the perfect setting for an Instagram-worthy gathering. Outdoor kitchens are currently one of the most popular trends in outdoor design and together with a beautiful outdoor lounge set, this space will be the talk of the town!


Stay on top of the trends.

We all love to be the centre of attention every now and then, as long as it’s for a good reason, like a trendsetting outdoor area! It’s thrilling when you know you’re creating a cover-worthy space. Staying on top of trends can help you do that! When creating your outdoor  home keep the following in mind:


  • Warm colours is the buzz word when it comes to outdoor decor in 2021.

A garden filled with red and orange gives you that luscious autumn vibe, without having to wait a whole year. A comfy, brown swing filled with big yellow pillows, will make you want to lounge all day long. Filling a space with warm colours generates feelings of comfort and love and enhances you “homey-ness” of your outdoor space.


  • Bringing the inside, outside!

This may sound like quite a foreign concept at first, but you soon realize that that's what your outdoor area has been missing all along. Gone are the days of uncomfortable and hard metal patio furniture and in comes days of lounging in comfort. Soft, comfy couches, pillows, throws and lanterns are not only suitable for indoor use anymore. They are ready to take their rightful place in your beautiful outdoor space.


  • Living the city life comes with a lot of perks.

Being in the hustle and bustle of trendy cafes and chic shops is great, but sometimes it feels like something is missing. That true feeling of home. Nothing says that more than a plant! A garden is something that most people link to their childhood home, memories of playing with friends and working in the garden with mom or dad.

Needless to say there are not an abundance of options when it comes to gardens in the city! Modern outdoor decor to the rescue. Planters, wall gardens and succulents are all the rage right now and they are ready to make your city flat feel like home.   Outdoor spaces can add a vibrant and trendy feel to your home. It can create that perfect relaxing environment that your home needs this spring! Whether  you enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, the comfort of being surrounded by pillows or that feeling when you’re surrounded by loved ones - there is an outdoor option available for you.

16 September