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Modular Furniture Trend

Modular Furniture Trend

Why We Love the Modular Furniture Trend 

Here’s why we love the modular furniture trend – especially for couches!

That’s why modular furniture is on our 2020 wish-list. Modular furniture refers to pre-made or pre-cut units that can be combined and moved in different ways to furnish a room. When it comes to sofas, for example, modular looks could be made up of seats, ottomans, and couches that fit together in a variety of ways. But the trend also extends to office desks, shelving, beds, drawers and more.

2020 has been a transformative year for everyone, not least of all in terms of how we live. We’re fast realising that we want to create spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes, from living to working. And we want to own items that are sustainable, affordable and versatile, so we can easily pivot when life throws us curveballs.


Use it in small or large spaces


Modular furniture can be used in any size space. If you live in a small flat, try a cosy L-shape tucked into a corner, like the contemporary Columbia Collection. Have a large lounge space or even an outdoor patio you need to furnish? Look for an oversize U-shape modular couch, to fill the space and offer plenty of seating.

The arrangement options are endless


The best part about modular furniture is that you can arrange and rearrange the look as you go – or as your needs change. Using a room more as an office now? Split the sections into living and working spaces. If you need more space as your family moves in, simply add more sections. And, if you need seating options in different places, combine or remove segments and ottomans to configure the exact arrangement your room needs.

Add a dash of design

While a lot of modular couches come in one colour for easy combinations, we also love that each section can have its own colour, texture or pattern. Mixing and matching is half the fun and adds an often-needed dose of design into space. Try the Rio 7 Piece for example, which features extra-thick, sink-into seat cushions and creative seating versatility.

They’re affordable in the long term

In a time when we’re all trying to save a little extra money, modular couches offer an affordable alternative to having to buy more and more furniture as your needs change. If you invest in a modular piece of high quality, you won’t need to reinvest in new furniture as often. Try a large unit like the Zenith Sectional to start with. If you don’t use all the pieces at once, store them in different rooms on their own, and then bring them together as you’re ready for more seating in one room. No more buying and buying!

23 October