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Texture Talks

Texture Talks

When one thinks of texture we generally think of the tactile aspect of soft furnishings – referring to the type of fabrics, curtaining or cushions used in a room, another dimension that can however be incorporated, is the visual aspect of texture that can add both depth and dimension to an interior. Quite simply the lack or incorrect use of texture in a space can make the room feel flat. Knowing how to mix and match and layer in a space can create both visual interest and a sense of comfort and interest in a room.  

A feature wall covered in a fabric wallpaper or coated with a suede paint is an example of the visual appeal of textures in the same way that your choice of ornamental finishes can create a textured dimension.  

Like Designers, you can use texture to create a specific feel in your interior. Coarser textures like natural wood or terracotta create a cosy, rustic feel while smooth or shiny textures, such as stainless steel, mirror, glass and marble reflects more light, and creates a more contemporary finish.  

Your choice of textures and the ability to complement or layer them effectively can create that picture perfect finishing touch to any interior. In this piece we unpack 5 ways in which you can use texture to create the perfect look.  



One of the easiest ways to bring in texture into your space is using rugs. Rug piling and layering is a trend which adds instant pizazz to an interior if you select the correct dimensions, shape, and colors. Considerations when selecting the correct rug is to determine what the overall aesthetic is that you are aiming for, rustic, glam, contemporary, or classic?  

Natural fiber rugs made from hessian or stronger fibers are ideal for rustic décor while a velvet or silk touch pile complements a glamorous or contemporary space.  


Wallpaper or textured paint can add instant dimension to a space. Using interesting artworks, canvas, tapestries, or wall sculptures can create visual appeal and balance in your space. Another option to consider is the use of indoor plants and greenery to add another layer to your space. Consider the effects of a vertical garden or potted plant holders against the walls, not only does it create an added layer of depth, it brings the outside in and with it the physical and psychological benefits of greenery.  


The use of throws, faux furs and pillows in different textures, patterns and colors can create a low-cost, hassle-free texture upgrade in your living room or bedroom. Again, let the overall aesthetic that you are trying to achieve guide the types of textures that you incorporate. For a natural or rustic appeal, consider woolen fibers, suedes, heavy linens, pure cottons, leather, and knits. For a glamorous look consider velvets, faux furs, brocades, and silks.  

Let go of perfection – when layering don’t be compelled to ensure that everything is symmetric or perfectly aligned. The imperfection leads to the aesthetic appeal and interest that you can create in your space.  


Curating the right vases, picture frames, trinkets and candle holders is a fun way to seasonally upgrade the textural appeal of your spaces. Winter might herald in the use of earthy and rustic clay pots and wooden beads, while summer calls for the use of oyster shells, turquoise glass vases or crystal décor to bounce the sunlight in your space.  

Let the seasonal tones and color palette guide your accessory choices and search for visual inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for insights into key seasonal looks and trends.  



Using occasional or statement furniture pieces like a wooden side table or linen occasional chair is another way to bring in different textures into your space. Nothing adds POP quite like a chair or bench upholstered in a bold and rich fabric. The versatility of smaller occasional pieces allows you to move them into different spaces and instantly update the look without the constraints of bulkier items like a couch or dining table.  

Go on Express yourself at Essops Home and let your home’s textures do the talking!  

08 July