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The Best Budget-Friendly Home Makeover tips

The Best Budget-Friendly Home Makeover tips

We all love watching home make-over shows! Seeing how a group of experts can turn a plain, boring house, into something that can feature in a décor magazine. We all secretly wish that we could be that couple who gets to have their whole home redone because they have a leaky roof or a hole in their bedroom wall. 

You can get that makeover you’ve been dreaming about, without breaking the bank. Here are your top 6 Best Budget-Friendly Home Makeover tips:

  • Add that pop of colour
  • Adding colour is always a great choice when it comes to changing a room up a bit. A bold coloured curtain, some popping scatter cushions, an accent wall or re-upholstery on that chair that you got at the antique store. Adding colour can bring a whole new atmosphere to any room. Turning to colder colours can bring a more relaxing vibe to your room. Switching to warmer colours can make a space feel more homey and sticking to neutrals can help you to be creative and play around with a variety of different colours. 

    Colours can bring a whole new energy to any room in your home and will make it feel like a brand new makeover!

    Photo by Jason Boyd from Pexels

  • Make a statement
  • Adding a statement piece can be an essential part of making your home look brand new. And you don’t need to buy a whole store’s worth of furniture. All you need is one amazing accent item. A stunning, curvy couch, a vibrant coloured headboard, a vivid occasional chair or a bold dining room table. From the bedroom to the lounge to the dining room, wherever you need to hit the reset button, choose one of these options and you are good to go. 

    Inserting a statement piece to a room can elevate that room completely and give it the refreshing new look and feel that you’ve been dreaming about. 


  • If the answer is no, it has to go
  • One of the key elements of a successful makeover is to get rid of the excess. Anything you don’t use, anything that’s old and unused, anything that serves no purpose (being beautiful can be a purpose on its own) and anything that doesn’t spark joy (Yes, we also love Mari Kondo). The act of clearing out the clutter, can in itself already feel like a makeover. Opening up space you didn’t know you had, discovering that your lounge is actually a lot bigger than you thought and making room for something new and exciting, is a very important step in the makeover process. And it will cost you nothing!

    You can also add joy to someone else’s life by donating all the furniture and décor you are getting rid of. When you start your makeover, walk through your home, evaluate all your furniture and if the answer is no, it has to go.

  • Multi-purpose is a must
  • Multi-purpose furniture is a must-have in every home, especially when it comes to a budget-friendly makeover. You are essentially getting 2 for the price of one. A day-bed or sleeper couch is an excellent example of this. Serving as a stylish couch in the day and a comfortable bed at night, this is something that is perfect when you live in a smaller space like an apartment. It’s functional, yet classy and you’ll always have a spare sleeping space for guests. 

    Make sure to keep an eye out for great multi purpose furniture pieces, like a bookshelf with a pull out desk, a foldable coffee table that you can store after use or even a couch or bed with storage space underneath. These are amazing options that you can consider when your available space is limited, but you still want to go with the fashionable furniture options.

  • Let’s swap it out
  • Replacing one item in a room can be a fantastic way to start your budget-friendly makeover and it will have an immediate effect on the visual element of your home. Switching out an old lamp shade for a new one, replacing a mirror with a funky print or adding new scatter cushions to your couch can change the room's  look instantly. .

    A small change can make a big difference and this is especially true for home décor. A small change in colour, in texture or in a visual piece, can quickly draw your attention and make your living room, bedroom or kitchen feel brand new. 

    Photo by Fox from Pexels

    1. Have a makeover mix-up 

    If your budget is extremely tight and there is no wiggle room for buying something new, we have a solution for you: Have a makeover mix-up. Change it up with the décor you already own. Have a striking printed Canvas in your bedroom, but your lounge needs more colour? Switch it up! Is there a silky smooth occasional chair in your living room, but you have an open space in your bedroom? Move it!

    You have all the tools you need for a great inhouse mix-up.

    23 March