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Top tips on how to buy furniture online from the comfort of your own home

Top tips on how to buy furniture online from the comfort of your own home

Are you planning a home or room makeover without the hassle of clocking up miles and your fuel bill, driving from one store to another?
The traditional approach to furniture shopping can leave one exhausted, considering the time and effort it takes from your busy schedule. In addition, visiting store to store can leave you overwhelmed and eventually products start looking the same if you have viewed too many options in a day.

The factors above, have seen an increase in online retail including sectors like furniture and home décor. Some of the benefits that Essops Home customers attribute to their preference for online shopping includes the following:
-    Access to a variety of options at a click
-    Convenience and time saving
-    Flexible payment plans including a 6-month interest free lay buy
-    Delivery options including self-collect
-    Self-assembly or assembled for you options
-    Live chat or WhatsApp help for additional product support that they may need
-    The ability to shop from our curated rooms visit which allows them to visualise products in a space and find complimentary pieces that work with what they intend buying to complete the look.

Shopping online for furniture and home décor allows you to browse a wide selection of items without having to step outside of your house, however, for first time online furniture shoppers the experience can be daunting. Therefore, we compiled our top tips to ensure that you have an exceptional online shopping experience for your next furniture or home décor piece.


Furniture Measurement Tips

For items such as coffee tables, side tables, consoles or occasional chairs, measure the item you intend buying to compare the scale of the items in relation to the other items like couches or dining tables in the space. This will remove the element of surprise on delivery, because you have peace of mind that the item will fit in the space that it was intended for.

Walk around the space and view the mapped area from different angles. Ensure that you have sufficient space around the item/s and that any nooks or crannies in the area have been considered before you select the item.

Once you have the dimensions, mark the space! Use masking tape to size up the product dimensions on the floor in the space that you intend buying the item for. To add height, get creative and use cardboard boxes, chairs, or stacked cushions to visualise the height of the item. You can also use this method for home décor items as well such as mirrors or artwork that you intend putting up.

For larger furniture items like couches, plasma TV stands, dining room tables or bedroom suites make sure that you note the dimensions of the product which should be either on the item or in the detailed product descriptions.


Dining Dimension Tips

A minimum of 3 feet or a 91cm perimeter around the dining table should be mapped. Take note of the following table heights:

  • A standard dining table height is 30 inches or 76.2 cm’s.
  • A standard countertop height is 36 inches or 91.4 cm’s
  • A standard Bar table height is 42 inches or 106.6 cm’s

For optimal chair placement ensure a gap of 24 inches or 61 cm’s between each place setting. Measure the middle point of one chairback to the middle point of the next chair to get the correct spacing. Chairs placed too close to each other diminishes the beauty of the table and in addition creates an uncomfortable dining experience for your guests who may end up sitting way too close for comfort.


Beds and Headboard Tips

A headboard should be stylish and functional. A place to lean against while sitting in bed with your favourite book. To find the ideal height for your headboard, use the following calculation:

Height from the floor to the mattress top + your height from waist to top of head + 4 inches or 10 cm = minimum headboard height.

When it comes to nightstands or pedestals there are so many options to choose from. The maximum depth for your bedside nightstand should be 24 inches or 61cm.  Ideally the top of the nightstand should be the same height as the top of the mattress, however a few inches variance can be accommodated, as long as the overall look is functional and well balanced.


Texture Tips

The right fabric adds to appeal and longevity of the product. If you are buying items like chairs, couches or ottomans consider the fabric that it is covered in and if it would be suitable for your space. Small kids, pets and high traffic areas require fabrics that are durable, hard wearing, and easy to clean.

Request a hi-res visual of the fabric option from the live chat or WhatsApp sales consultant to help you see the detail.


Light Selection Tips

Size is equally important to design when selecting your ideal chandelier. Choose one that is too big for the space, and you will create an overpowering feeling in the space. Choose a chandelier that is too small for the space, and you will diminish its beauty.

To determine the ideal dimensions of a feature chandelier or light feature in the middle of your room, add the width and length of your room in feet. This sum will indicate the ideal dimensions of the chandelier that you should be considering. For example, if your room is 15 feet by 10 feet the total which is 25 would be ideal diameter dimensions in inches.

15 feet + 10 feet room = 25-inch diameter for your chandelier


Rug Tips

An area rug selected correctly can instantly update your space. Three factors need to be considered when choosing the ideal room rug – dimensions, functionality, and texture. In a dining room choose a rug that is 24 inches/61 cm -36 inches /91 cm’s bigger than the table. This will ensure that all 4 legs of the chairs when pulled out will be accommodated on the rug. A flat pile and easy to clean rug would also be important considerations for a space like a dining room, whilst a shaggier soft pile option would be more suited to areas like a bedroom or living room for soft to the touch comfort and luxe appeal.


Sales policies and delivery options

To ensure that you are making an informed decision make sure that you scan the websites FAQ section to learn more about payment options, delivery fees, assembly, warranties and returns. Alternatively make use of the live chat, email or call options to speak to a consultant to assist you with any additional information that you need.

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