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Turn your home into a haven

Turn your home into a haven

Home is feeling. A Sanctuary is synonymous with comfort, peace, and protection. Our go-to place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and our personal retreat.

You can create a sanctuary at home, either by dedicating an entire room for this retreat or even a dedicated nook in your home that becomes your go-to space for comfort and retreat.

The Essops Home team have curated some ideas that will help you create a sanctuary in your home.

Find a space
One of the first things to consider if you are living with others is to find a space to create your sanctuary in. It maybe in your bedroom, a patio, a book nook or your lounge or study. Find a space that envelopes you in a state of calm that has good lighting and makes you feel relaxed.

Let there be Light
Vitamin D goes a long way in boosting our happy hormones and improving our mental health. A little light goes along way, so consider the space you choose. Your sanctuary may be outdoors or a space that has good light – either way make sure that your space soaks in the rays. You can also boost the lighting using a table lamp or small chandelier as you transition from daylight to night.

Go Zen
Use zen principles when designing the space. Minimise clutter and enhance flow and calmness in your sanctuary. Untidy and over cluttered spaces can have a negative impact on your mind – which is why the minimalism and de-cluttered design philosophy is here to stay. Let’s face it – less clutter, less distraction and less cleaning.

Use your sanctuary to do the things that help you reconnect with your self and create a state of mindfulness and flow. Your sanctuary can be used as your prayer or meditation space, your reading retreat or your creativity corner. Dependent on the way you intend using the space – you can enhance your sanctuary with functional décor items like candles, comfortable seating and plush flooring.

Go Green
Nothing says sanctuary quite like greenery – bring the outdoors in with planters and indoor trees or a vertical garden that helps you connect with nature. Make use of an indoor water feature to add serenity to the space and let Mother nature be your daily healer.

Connect to your senses
Incorporate your senses into your space. Consider what smells would enhance and stimulate your senses and bring it home through the use of flowers, oil based diffusers, scented candles or a room scenting machine. Next consider the visual aspect – wall paper, paint colors or a feature painting that creates a visual focal point, you can use that focal point to add other items to anchor the space such as a side table, occasional chair, chaise lounger or floor seating. Let the sense of touch guide your decision making in terms of textiles you bring into the space – for a more natural sanctuary opt for natural fibres such as linens, cottons and woven threads. For a luxe retreat consider suedes, velvets and rich brocades to compliment the look.

View the Essops Home Sanctuary Curation below and browse our site for more options.


Let’s have a look at the different ways in which you can create a sanctuary in your space

 Bedroom Retreat


Patio Sanctuary


Book Nook



There you have it our in-home sanctuary guide. Visit our site and start curating your ultimate in home or outdoor sanctuary that gives a whole new meaning to “Home Coming”.

 Go on express yourself.

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