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Step into a World of Elegance



One or two sentences to describe yourself.

I am a working mom of 4 kids. I have a passion for early childhood development and a love for creating; whether it’s DIY projects, flowers, or tablescapes.

I love absorbing myself in art and exploring new places with my family.

What is your home décor style in 3 words?
Hampton beach, classic and understated.

Your favorite inspirational quote?



Who is your favourite female role model or inspiration and why?
My grandmother. She left high society in England for the love of her life who moved to Africa and was a farmer. She was a nursery schoolteacher. She was just always a lady even though she could shoot a shotgun from her hip. My mom was the first woman in Botswana to have her own bank account, independent of her husband and she was a businesswoman. I am lucky to have been surrounded by strong women.


Your favourite Essops home piece/s for the season

I also love the wide selection of rugs on offer!

17 October