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Ottomans & Storage

Curating Exquisite Interiors

: Where Luxury Meets Bespoke Design

  • Room Makeover

    A virtual or on-site design consultation. Inclusion of the suppliers and product prices.

    50% deposit is required to start & 50% post project. 10% of the entire budgeted project for multiple spaces.

    All furniture and furnishing that is purchased will be an additional cost as per the client’s budget.

  • Room Styling

    A Mood Board with suggested decor elements and items curated for your specific space.

    Inclusion of the suppliers and product prices.

    Styling fee for small areas (entrance tables, server tables)

    Styling fee for larger spaces(bedrooms, office spaces, bath- rooms and nursery)

  • Home Shopping

    A virtual or telephonic consult. This service is for a specific spot in your home that requires quick finishing touches – from decor for your console table or perfecting your coffee table look a quick call will help us to visualise and perfect your look!

    Shopping experience – with you or on your behalf.

    Optional – space styling

  • Additional Services

    Deep cleaning

    Repairs & Upholstery

    Fabric / Leather protection